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Electrical Root Canal Length Measurement Training Model Jaw [CON1001 Series]

Rs. 13,900/-

Product Details

  • CON1001 Series has sockets in the model jaw section in which seriesB22X-END model teeth with root canal or natura teeth can be attached to allow for endodontics training using an electronic apex locator

  • In addition, by using an electrically conductive paste, it is possible to measure the root canal length with the files, reamers and electronic apex locator

  • Please note, not all sizes of natural teeth can be mounted

  • This model has a total of 10 sockets, 6 locations for B22X-END-#11, #24, #26, #33, #36 and #44 model teeth with root canal, and on the opposite side #21, #14, #16 and #46, and natural teeth of a size which will fit within the sockets can also be used.


  • Model Upper Jaw, Model Lower Jaw : 1pc each

  • Conductive Paste : 1 tube

  • Conductive Paste Nozzle/Cap : 1pc each

  • Wax : 1 pcs

  • power Cords : 2pcs

  • Screwdriver : 1 pc.

Training Methods

Root canal length measurement

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Slowly insert the model or natural teeth into the appropriate socket on the model jaw. Use the included wax and heated instruments to completely fix the entire circumference of the model or natural teeth. When fixing in place, do not let extra wax flow towards the tooth root and block the root apex.
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Attach the included cord by winding it onto the terminal on the electronic apex locator patient side.
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Insert the connector on the end of the included cord into the terminal on the resin plate on the base of the model jaw.
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Attach the file or reamer to the electronic apex locator file/reamer terminal.
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