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Product Details

  • Simodont® Dental Trainer helps build students’ skills, insight and confidence before moving into the clinic

  • Simodont provides an effective learning and training environment for a range of dental procedures and serves as a ‘virtual reality phantom head’.

  • Applies sophisticated haptic technology used in flight simulators, adapted and tailored for medical simulation

  • Offers proven skill transfer from Simodont into the physical world, for example by training on virtual reality manual dexterity blocks

  • Provides a safe learning environment where students can experience and practice real-world patient scenarios

  • Intra-oral scans can be imported and worked on so that students can practice repeatedly on their specific patient prior to treating that patient in the clinic

  • Tooth models are based on high resolutionscans of actual teeth, featuring detailed anatomy, pathology and different material properties

  • Instructors can create and tailor training programs using the flexible software and model database

  • New features and functionalities are continuously developed together with dental schools

  • A cost effective system without the need for any consumables, extracted teeth complex facility requirements or waste material handling.

HandpieceAccurate replica simulating a real handpiece.Provides highly realistic force feedback to give an exact feeling of the objects and different materials that are being worked on
Dental MirrorFully functional dental mirror used for indirect vision exercises
Foot PedalVariable speed foot pedal.Realistic drill sound rendering of the various types of handpieces and burs
3D displayShows the virtual reality tooth models and instruments co-located display and hand piece to help develop psychomotor skills
Touch panelUsed to navigate through the training and to prepare treatment plans, answer questions etc
Training CourseInstruction can create and tailor training programs using flexible software and database.Pre loaded examples cases can be used directly or edited by the instructor
ProceduresGeneric manual dexterity, indirect vision, cariology crown endodentic access and pediatric procedures.Patient specific crown cases using intra oral scan imports
Content LibraryContains extensive library of high resolution 3d models and instruments that can be combined in every way.New models and instruments are added with releases.Import of stl models allow creation of custom models and cases

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Easy to use
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Manage instruments for each procedure
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Manage curriculum and monitor students progress
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Hand rest with adjustable finger rests
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