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Product Details

  • The mental foramen and mylohyoid lines are realistically reproduced, which enables “clinically close” training

  • The mandible canal is duplicated inside of inside the jaw bone, which allows you to practice considering direction and depth of implant insertion

  • A red colored wire in Mandibular canal can be removed to check whether any damage has been caused by implant insertion

  • Tooth #44 can be removed to check whether there is no damage on the root after practice

  • Pre-training dialog can be practiced by downloading the panorama and CT/DICOM images since the bone shape and the distance from the alveolar crest and mandibular canal in these images are based on the IMP5003 model.

Training Methods


Full thickness flap



Implant Insertion

Surgical guide plate

Alginate impression

Fabrication of superstructure

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