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Product Details

  • An excellent complement to the SIMPLE MANIKIN III, this convenient accessory helps streamline the hosting of remote hands-on workshops, online lab courses, webinars and live-stream demonstrations

  • As teaching dentistry remotely becomes more of a norm, organizers and instructors need much support in order to hold trouble-free online teaching and training sessions

  • The SIMPLE MANIKIN Webinar Kit provides such assistance.


  • Can be readily assembled and installed on the SIMPLE MANIKIN III in a few easy steps

  • Designed to set and hold a smartphone, tablet or webcam at the optimal camera position and angle relative to the SIMPLE MANIKIN III providing a point-of-view shot

  • Participants can see an up-close high angle view of the demonstration

  • In addition, installing the same unit at each participantís location will allow the instructor to also view the participantsí hands-on work and provide appropriate guidance

  • The unit can be adjusted to a horizontal eye-level camera angle when watching a lecture

  • Can be attached to most desks and workbenches

  • Compact and easy to carry

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