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Geriatric Patient Oral Care Manikin MANABOT

Product Details

  • MANABOT is a geriatric patient care training simulator which accurately replicates the oral cavity and surrounding organs of elderly persons

  • It allows for a focused clinical oral care training as well as learning aspiration verification, pharyngeal suctioning, endoscopy and other geriatric clinical skills

  • The full body type simulator [MANABOT] replicates the entire body of a geriatric patient equipped with an oral cavity with various dental prosthesis, nasal cavity, pharynx/larynx, torso, legs and other body parts, which help trainees and students learn how to properly and safely perform postural drainage.


  • Full upper and lower jaw model simulating the oral cavity of a geriatric patient Oral conditions commonly found in elderly persons such as mobile teeth, dental attrition and furcation defects are realistically reproduced on the model

  • Dental prosthesis such as partial dentures and bridges are also present on both upper and lower arches

  • Surrounding organs of the oral cavity The anatomically shaped throat module is useful in learning positional relationships between the oral cavity, nasal cavity and the pharynx/larynx as well as the anatomical structure of each region

  • Procedures such as endoscopy and oropharyngeal suctioning can also be practiced

  • Full body manikin simulating a female geriatric patient The major joints on the MANABOT-F can be moved allowing full body positioning and posture adjustment

  • This enables her to be placed sitting in a wheelchair or lying on a bed.

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