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  • Shows the effects of periodontal disease/peri-implant disease allowing various ways to compare and explain with just one model

  • Anatomical teeth with realistic crown and root

  • Fully removable gingiva

  • Lower right quadrant shows a healthy condition - #46 tooth with implant and crown (not removable)

  • Lower left quadrant depicts a diseased condition with various lesions - Reddening and swollen gingiva on the diseased lower left quadrant | Bone resorption seen throughout the diseased quadrant including the #36 implant | Mobile teeth (#32~#35 and #37) | Removable # 36 implant and crown


  • To explain the resulting condition as well as the reasons and effects caused by periodontal disease/peri-implant disease, and help patients understand the risks associated

  • Help raise patient awareness on the importance of care and maintenance of post implant treatment

  • Useful in explaining - Difference in nature of bone resorption between periodontal disease and peri-implant disease | Difference between healthy and diseased gingiva | Risk of implant failure (overload) due to progressive peri-implantitis

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