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  • Cross-sectioned model showing peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis from early to advance

  • Normal condition implant shown on left side

  • Crown of left and middle implant are removable to show the subgingival condition (healthy and diseased)

  • Mobility implant at moderate/advanced stage


  • Before the implant placement: To help patient understand the risks of peri-implant disease and the importance of maintenance after the placement

  • After the placement: To demonstrate/explain how to maintain (brushing or flossing) the implant to achieve the longer life of implant

  • After the placement: Showing the inflammation of subgingival area by removing crown encourages patients to come for routine check-up at the clinic

  • For peri-impantitis patients: To explain that the treatment intervention in earlier stage increases the possibility for full recovery

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